MusiSHEans is a private network, founded by Vivek Advani (India), Karlijn Langendijk (Netherlands) and me, to support female* musicians.

We are curating a global community of exceptionally talented female guitarists and connecting them with listeners who are hungry for good music. We’re working at the grassroot level by making existing female musicians be heard, motivating young girls to pick up the guitar and helping local female musicians get more concerts.

MusiSHEans Festival

February 2021

Unfortunately we had to postpone our 1. MusiSHEans festival into 2022. The new dates are: 4. – 6. March 2022 (Jazzclub Tonne, Dresden)

40 females singing and playing “Keep On The Sunny Side”

April 2020

MusiSHEans Guitar Tour 2019

19 concerts in Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. On tour:

Christie Lenée (USA)
Claire Besson (FR)
Karlijn Langendijk (NL)
Judith Beckedorf (DE)