Judith plays and uses…

Kobler Custom Nylon Crossover

Kobler Custom Nylon Crossover

A wonderful Nylon Crossover guitar built by Christina Kobler. It’s perfectly playable with a cutaway and has a beautiful Ziricote back and sides.

It has a Juan Carlos pickup in it.





Larrivée D-03RE


– Single Piece Mahogany Neck
– Canadian Sitka Spruce Sound Board & Bracing
– African Ebony Fretboard & Bridge
– Rosewood Back & Sides (awesome!)
– L.R. Baggs Element Notch pickup system (piezo)
(think it’s the older generation)

+ MiniFlex 2Mic Model 4 Microphone
(check it out here)


Elixir Strings

Currently I am using a pack of Elixir Phosphor Bronze Light which corresponds with gauge 12-53. But instead of the high E-string (12) I am using kind of a thinner B-string (14).

Okay, Joe Robinson’s idea, but works fine!

Aaand you can buy a single string here!




Dunlop Thumbpicks (FTP Clear “D” Plastic)

I have a VERY small thumb which made it pretty difficult to find a well fitting thumbpick.

For those of you who have the same problem I can recommend these ones!





AER Compact 60

I have a stereo output jack in my guitar where I get the singal from the L.R. Baggs piezo and the one from the MiniFlex 2Mic seperated from each other. The cable splits and I use both inputs of the AER.

So it’s the perfect amp for me! : )





Kyser Quick Change Capo

Very funcitonal! Deserves it’s name!







Greg Bennett’s Glider Capo


Funny little gimmick for the stage!

Check out his website here!





BOSS TU-3 Pedal Tuner

Perfect floor tuner for the stage!