Blog entry #5

Hey guys,
it’s been a while. I hope you have been well!

Everything has been so hectic! This has been written weeks ago and here you finally get it. If you want to always be informed about what I do, either call my mom (she gets weekly updates) or become my friend on Facebook or Instagram!

Dumb Laws

Apparently, this are two websites that I saved for you.


and http://www.elistmania.com/50_stupid_laws_from_50_states/

Here is a little excerpt from the second one:

California: “No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour.” or
Connecticut: “It is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset.”
This is one of my favorites by the way

Hawaii: “All residents may be fined as a result of not owning a boat.


Today was the hottest day of the year so far (27° Celsius/ 81° Fahrenheit) and this evening a short, but intense thunderstorm hit Nashville. Frisbee got canceled for obvious reasons. Don’t think it is smart to throw things into the sky in this weather. Luckily for you that gives me time to tell you about what has been going on for the last time as I am listening to some Country music (really!) and watch college basketball on tv. Simultaneously the washing machine is running over in the laundry room.

On the evening of January 18th, a Wednesday, I wrote this down:

7.00: alarm rings
7.20: get up after snoozing, eat, get ready, do some social media posting  

8.00-10.00: class – Digital Musicianship 2

10.15: practice guitar

11.30-12.00: class – Private Guitar

12.15-1.15: lunch break
1.30-2.45: practice voice/guitar

3.00-3.30: class – Private Voice  

3.40-5.30: Ultimate Frisbee practice

5.45: shower, dinner:

7.30: go to concert in Belmont’s Massey Performing Arts Center

 8.45: meet friend at restaurant
9.45-12.00: finish assignment for class in music lab

12.30: put this down

You see, I hardly get bored. But I am happy about that! Some people around have times when they don’t know what to do. I think this will never ever ever ever (ever…) happen to me. I’d always come up with something to practice, do, listen to, write, watch, read, somebody to talk to…

New York

Last time I updated the blog I was on the way to NY, so I feel like I owe you some information about that. Since that has already been 3 months ago (how time flies!) I am glad that I wrote down what we did each day. So here is the list:

Day 1 Wednesday
Central Park
Christmas Market
Concert Clemens @ can’t remember…

Day 2 Thursday
9/11 Memorial
Wall Street Soho/Chinatown/Little Italy Grand Central Station Concert Clemens @ Kava

Day 3 Friday
Top of the Rock
5th Ave (Empire State Building) Statue of Liberty
Chocolate in Jersey
Top of the Rock by Night

Day 4 Saturday

Metropolitan Museum

Strawberry Field-Central Park East of Brooklyn Bridge

Day 5 Sunday
Mother Africa Washington Square Park Grenwich Village
Candy Shop
Concert Juke Bar

Day 6 Monday
Brooklyn Bridge/Promenade Shop Brooklyn Industries

I traveled with my friend Charlotte from France and Linda from around Nashville. We stayed at Clemens’ place who is a good friend from the University of Music in Dresden, Germany. After graduating from Berklee College of Music he moved to NY. He just released his album “Labyrinths and Tales” and you should listen to it while you read on (Watch out, jazz!)

Of course we took a lot of pictures and I will just let them speak.


Just yesterday I was seriously excited because I realized once again how many GREAT concerts take place in this city all the time.

These are some concerts I will go to:

Sierra Hull – Grammy nominated mandolin player

Passenger – at the Ryman, a legendary music venue in Nashville Noam Pikelny – one of the finest banjo player of our time

But what have I done in the last time?
In January I met with a bunch of instruments by Ortega Guitars and a film crew in a beautiful studio in East Nashville and recorded a lot of music to promote their guitars. Here are some of videos that are release so far:

Bit by bit you will find more on all social media accounts Ortega holds. So if you want to hear more just check back on their Youtube channel for instance.

I bought a guitar! And recorded a video with it in the legendary Ocean Way studio. Since Belmont University bought it a couple of weeks ago and I have some very kind friend I could sneak in one night to record this song that is obviously dedicated to my mother. Hey my mom and all other moms, enjoy it!

Let me put my laundry into the drier real quick. …
Ok, I’m back.

Last Friday (March 17) the Pops Ensemble had its big spring showcase. I performed two songs with my two other singing ladies in our group that we called “Bliss” (Love it!). We might record our arrangements of “Dance With Somebody” and “Wide Awake”. I’ll, of course, let you know if that happens!

Last week I entertained some guitar students in the Classical Guitar Seminar. And today I performed a song in Commercial Voice Upper Seminar

To not bore you any further here just a whole bunch of pictures of trips and adventures that happened in the last time.

Best, Judith