Judith Beckedorf
Acoustic Guitar, Singer/Songwriter


„Oh, you play the guitar. Do you sing, too?“ is one of the phrases Judith often hears. As of late, her answer to this question is „yes“. Songs that the Dresden-based guitarist has been working on in secret until now finally get to see the light of day. They bear titles such as „Du Held“ (You Hero) or „Flowers on my Grave“ and convey a sense of longing while simultaneously maintaining a positive outlook on life. The subject matter is a medley of her own personal experiences and tales of fiction. She names her guitar hero Tommy Emmanuel as one of her greatest influences, as well as songs by Ben Folds. Judith’s repertoire consists of original songs and instrumental arrangements in a perfect balance between soft ballads and groovy backbeats. 
Judith will be on tour with fellow acoustic guitarist Armin Kulla in February 2016.

Growing up near Hamburg, Germany, Judith discovered her passion for guitar at the age of 14 and for the most part taught herself how to play. She developed an interest in the fingerstyle scene, making a name for herself with a number of successful YouTube videos. Wanting to expand her knowledge and musical skills, she moved to Dresden in 2012 and enrolled at the University of Music Carl-Maria-von-Weber Dresden, where she is currently studying with the renowned guitarists Thomas Fellow, Reentko Dirks and Stephan Bormann. Since then she has performed regularly as a solo artist, in different small ensembles and with the singer Victor Sepulveda.

Judith plays her nylon crossover guitar, made by Christina Kobler (Austria).

The Exquisite Perfection” Patti Cathcart of Tuck & Patti about “Judith&Victor”

On tour
11th – 22nd February 2016
solo, double-concerts with Armin Kulla
4th – 9th May 2016
with Judith&Victor
15th – 30th July 2016
with Judith&Victor

and on request

Flowers on my Grave (Judith Beckedorf)

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